Booking Terms


  1. Booking is not considered complete until notification of payment is received by 247 Homenursing
  2. Cancellationsprior to the start of service are allowed under terms as follows, with related penalty charges:
    1. Anytime after payment is made, but before 24 hours start of service–Admin fee of RM200.00
    2. 24 hours before the start of shift – 25% (of total booking fee up to a max of RM350.00) as cancellation fees
    3. 12 hours or less before the start – 30% (of total booking fee up to a max of RM550.00) as cancellation fees
  3. Refundsfor incompletely used packages are as follows:
    1. The client is responsible to ensure purchased packages are fully utilised, 247 Homenursing does not track package utilisation and client is responsible for any over the purchase of packages resulting in unused service days. Renewal notices are automated as a convenience to the client and do not imply 247 Homenursing Pte Ltd is notifying purchased packages have been completely utilised.
    2. Packages bought are valid for 60 days from the purchase date beyond which they expire and no refund is applicable.
    3. Refunds are based on utilised days. 30-day packages if incomplete will be refunded based on 10-day package rates.10-day packages will be refunded based on 1-day packages if incomplete.
  4. In case of delayof the start date, the client must accept that the original Care Partner may no longer be available for the new dates.
  5. Renewalof bookings should be completed early. In any event 247 Homenursing cannot guarantee the same Care Partner will be available for any future bookings as 247 Homenursing are free to select cases and their availability for work.
  6. All care informationis provided by the client at the booking site, before assessment. If upon assessment Care Receiver requires other significant care that may affect his/her safety, the client will be advised by Care Partner to update Care needs. Care Partner may refuse to take on the case if the booking is not updated and accurate picture of the care needs are acknowledged. Care Partner can cancel the booking if the client refuses to update the care package.
  7. 247 Homenursing will always do their best to arrive for shift 10 mins before the start of shifttime unless In the event of unavoidable delays like unusual jams, floods etc. Any delay of more than 15 mins at the start will be replaced by the Care partner at end of the shift or following shift.
  8. 247 Homenursing are professionals who should at all times be treated with respect and dignity by all at the care location. Care Partner may refuse work or demands to perform any duties not directly related to care of Care Receiver e.g household chores.
  9. The client, by accepting this proposal, agrees to provide, to the best of his/her ability, a safe and conducive place in which the Care Partner can perform his/her duties.
  10. Client will be asked to rate 247 Homenursing performance at the end of the package.